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IHP Australia


Track all your physical activity and manage your health in your personal online account! This versatile, comprehensive online health and fitness tracker will help you stay motivated to stick with your fitness program and make good daily decisions that can have a positive impact on your life. The IHP Australia is like having a personal trainer with you at all times, anywhere you have access to the internet!


Create a Workout Plan and Log Exercise Results


Create a customized workout calendar using numerous medically-based exercise programs designed by fitness professionals, based on the latest clinical research. Choose strength, cardio, flexibility and balance programs to create a workout plan that's right for you. Your workout calendar will help you stay on track.

Track all your physical activity in one place! For any given day or week, see how many minutes you've exercised, calories you've burned, steps you've taken and miles you've traveled. Also, view reports of your exercise log summarizing your year-to-date and lifetime accomplishments.


Manage Your Health


Monitor your vital stats over time, including heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat percentage, weight, waist/hip ratio and Body Mass Index (BMI). The IHP Australia is an online health tracker as well as online fitness tracker.

Buy now! Become a IHP Australia Member

Purchase an IHP Australia Membership Kit and use all of the features including the workout calendar, exercise log, health and fitness tracker, exercise reports and more! The benefit of tracking all your physical activity and vital health stats in one place is worth the seconds it takes to log exercise and health stats.

Buy a Infiniti Sport Series Treadmill  ... Get a Membership Free!

An IHP Australia membership is included when you buy one of the Sport Series treadmills listed below. With each of these Infiniti Sport Series products, your workout data and vital health stats are automatically saved to your USB device so you can easily track your exercise results in your online account.


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