Infiniti Sport Series Treadmills

Powered by Interactive Health Partner, the Infiniti Fitness Club offers a complete online support feature that allows you to set your fitness goals, design your desired fitness program and monitor your fitness results like never before!

The new and innovative Sport Series also has:-

  • Large tactile handlebars that are easy to grip and feature new controls
  • Professional audio sound with built in console speakers that provide high quality sound with I-Pod docking
  • Soft touch keys with Intelli-Key - the smart lighting system that quickly and easily gets your workout started. Each console button to press flashes blue in the proper sequence.
  • My Zone - easy to use heart rate control programs.

Lifestyle Programs

17 preset programs that are easy to access and use. Grouped by Sports Training, Healthy Living and Weight Management to achieve your desired end results. Each program includes 20 different segments and can be selected at 3 different intensity levels. For on the go adjustment, all programs are scalable, meaning any adjustments made during your workout will be scaled over the entire program!



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